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Why should it be Southwestern California University?

First, as futurist Elvin Toffler predicted, we live in a knowledge-based society where time, space and knowledge create wealth. The need to acquire and utilize new knowledge actively and quickly is becoming more urgent. As an educational venue that will satisfy the passion of new learning through online network programs, the answer will be Southwestern California University that transcends the constraints of construction.

Second, we will take a step without stopping. We will focus on the convergence of various major areas so that we can break down the barriers between traditional functional areas of existing management and look at and solve management problems from a holistic perspective. We will continue to create the curriculum to reflect the rapidly changing business environment and the needs of graduate students. Strengthening the faculty’s research and education capabilities, we will expand our global programs, attract talented professors and students, and strive to expand the global network’s internal capabilities.

With these efforts, we will continue to be leaders in business management education through global education programs differentiated from other schools.

News & Events


November 8, 2019 - November 10, 2019

TRACS 2019 Annual Conference

November 6, 2019 - November 8, 2019


1. Registration for Winter Semester 2019 will begin on
December 16 (Mon) – December 19(Thu)
2. The classes will start on December 23(Mon) 12 P.M




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