Student Activities

Student activities and organizations are an important means for students to develop personally and professionally and are provided to all enrolled students. They are required to be structured as inclusive of all members of the SWCU student community and may not restrict membership or establish membership criteria that discriminate on the basis of race, religion, age, national origin, gender, sexual orientation or handicap. No organizations with restrictive membership clauses will be recognized by SWCU. The student activities program strengthens student socialization, leadership and collaborative skills and offers encouragement to those who are making a transition to the SWCU life. SWCU sponsored activities introduce students to many of the diverse social and cultural events.

Job Posting for students

Southwestern California University provides students with information about employment opportunities. For the positions in the University, students must bring a completed application to the hiring supervisor. Supervisors may interview applicants. Students are encouraged to follow up with hiring supervisors for the status of their application. If you have any questions about jobs for students, please contact (213) 674-7594.


Southwestern California University seeks to hire highly qualified faculty and staff. They are required to pass a criminal background check as a condition of employment.

Currently we have no position opening.

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