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Course Description: Ph.D. Global Business Administration Concentration

  • International Focus
  • Residential Courses
  • Focus On People
  • Student Dedication
  • Career Placement


SWCU’s global business PhD program provides quality education and differentiated programs to produce experts who play a pivotal role in education, research, and practice, and contribute to the development of humanity and the world society.


1) Strengthen in-depth research capabilities in the global business field

  • SWCU provides in-depth training and research opportunities for global business to foster global business professionals.
  • For in-depth research on global management phenomena, education is conducted on various research methods and provides opportunities for practical application and utilization through seminars.
  • While improving the understanding of academic and practical approaches, we are training to apply the differences between the two fields to the research field.

2) Strengthening global business communication capabilities

  • While conducting SWCU’s doctoral program, it strengthens competencies such as effective teaching and communication skills in the field of major.
  • In order to develop into a professional researcher, we share research results with researchers from other research fields and help build a human network.
  • Doctoral students offer a wide range of programs to improve theoretical and academic research as well as practical management issues.

3) Enhancement of global-level ethical thinking capabilities

  • We train competency to apply ethical standards and codes under global standards.
  • In lectures, we train students to apply ethical standards and codes under global standards..
  • We provide education that can understand and solve current problems through thinking that meets global standards in academia and society.

Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate, students must complete at least 48 credits and pass a comprehensive examination and a thesis review.

PBA 801 Economic Theory

This course examines major theories in microeconomics and macroeconomics. Topics include capital theory, production, cost and distribution, market structure, pricing, capital budgeting, investments, consumption, financial assets, capital and labor markets.

PBA 802 Statistics

Students are provided statistical techniques for study in business, economics, and finance. This course focuses on solving business and management problems by using statistics. Topics include descriptive statistics, probability, variables, estimation, hypothesis testing, regression analysis.

PBA 803 Business Organization and Management

This course explores theories and management tools for business organizations. Principal topics of the course include decision-making, communication, budgeting, and leadership.

PBA 804 Strategic Financial Management

This course interactively examines economics, accounting, and finance to run business successfully. The topics covered include financial analysis, market analysis, and economic environment analysis.

PBA 805 Advanced Strategic Marketing

This doctoral course addresses the comprehension, evaluation, and integration of marketing theory built around environmental research, marketing strategy differentiation, the product life cycle, segmentation strategies, and the new product cycle.

PBG 801 Economics in Global Environments

This course provides a perspective on the global economy, and the interaction between countries, regulatory systems and business firms. Major topics include the dynamics of international trade and investment, the relationship between trade and economic growth, trade imbalances and protectionism, and the impact of technological innovation on international competitiveness.

PBG 802 Developing International Business

This course examines major theories and practices in international business. Crucial topics include the role of location in international business, the strategy and organization of multinational corporations, subsidiary level development, cross-border alliances and international mergers and acquisitions.

PBG 803 Organizational Leadership and Coaching

This course is an overview of the theories and practices involved in organizational leadership and coaching to promote successful business. Good leading and coaching can help business leaders achieve refined goals. This course will investigate how to lead and coach people to achieve business goals.

PBG 804 Implementing Innovation

This course examines the determinants and characteristics of corporate innovative change. The innovative records of large and small firms will be compared. Students will review statistic data to identify patterns of innovation.

PBG 805 Leadership in Global Environments

This course is an overview of the theories and strategies for effective leading in global environments. This course will investigate how to analyze customers, the competition, and team leadership in light of differences of culture.

PBR 801 Advanced Real Estate Economics

This course examines relationships between the economy and real estate markets. Students will learn how to analyze and forecast real estate demand and supply in different markets for specific property types at specific locations.

PBR 803 Real Estate Valuation and Investment

This course examines the real estate valuation and investment processes. Models will be introduced to apply for the estimation of real estate values. Student will be able to estimate the costs and benefits of real estate investment.

PBR 804 Real Estate Development

This course examines the concepts and techniques applied in the real estate development process. Students will learn both the broader economic and social context in which real estate development is situated and also understand how viable development opportunities are identified and assessed.

PBR 805 Global Real Estate Market

This course provides a global comparative view of real estate investment fundamentals. Students will understand how changes in financial markets, international capital inflows, the local cost of capital, and changes in trade deficit or surplus affect current and future real estate markets. Special focus will be given to current global trends in real estate demand and valuation.

PBA 806 Quantitative Research Methods

This course provides principles and skills for quantitative research. Students will learn how to collect, analyze, and interpret quantitative data. Statistical methods and techniques will be emphasized.

PBA 807 Qualitative Research Methods

Students will examine qualitative research methods including grounded theory, narrative analysis, ethnography, mixed methods, and case studies. This course will enable students to determine appropriate methodologies that fit their research.

PBA 901: Dissertation Writing 1

This course examines dissertation proposal and components of the dissertation. Topics include literature review, the research purpose and questions, the intended methodological design and approach, and the significance of the study.

PBA 902: Dissertation Writing 2

This course guides students complete their data analysis, prepare their study results, and present their findings in a completed manuscript.

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